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Question: How do you get the wax out of your jar into your heater? This is a question that is frequently asked. Follow the advice given below and you will never have to ask the same question. Prepare your heater by taking out the inner bucket and attaching the drip tray collar to the top. Place the inner bucket back into the heater. Attach the base collar onto the bottom of the heater. Switch on at the plug and on/off switch located at the side of the heater. Turn the temperature control dial up to number 6. Take the lid off your chosen wax, turn the jar upside down and gently rest it onto the scraper bar. The heat will rise and melt the wax allowing it to slowly drip into the bucket. When all the wax has poured into the inner bucket, dispose of the empty jar and turn down the control dial to the appropriate temperature. Always test the wax prior to use on your client to make sure the temperature is not too hot.